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Let us know your space and need. We will provide you with quality products, warranty, after sales service and customer support.
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Restaurant Kitchen Design&Build 

We provide full service from Concept and Vision /Space Planning /Health and Safety Regulations /Kitchen Workflow / Equipment Selection / Ventilation and Exhaust System / Plumbing and Electrical Considerations /Testing and Communication – We make sure to be your assistance from start to success.

Why you choose us for your Kitchen?

  • Variety of Product and Price Range
  • In-House Design and Consult Team
  • One-Stop from Design to Finish
  • Warranty and After Sales Service
  • Expertise for over 35 Years
  • Trusted by over 500 Restaurants in South East Asia

Benefit of Using Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Using a restaurant kitchen system has many advantages

Effective Kitchen Workflow

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Save Time and Staff Cost

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Better Food Presentation and Quality

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Better Food Safety and Hygiene

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Better Customer’s Satisfaction

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Our Portfolios

From small restaurants, full service restaurants, hotels, canteens to catering. It’s our honor to be a part of your business.

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