Design & Build Hospital Kitchen

Because hospitals are places that must emphasize cleanliness to the highest degree, especially regarding food. The food should be nutritious, prepared naturally, and adhere to health standards. Proper storage of ingredients is also essential to keep the food fresh and nutritionally beneficial. We can provide consultation services from design to installation and operation for hospital kitchens, regardless of their size, from small to large. With over 35 years of experience, we have successfully built several leading hospital kitchens.
With the expertise we possess, we are confident that we can undoubtedly create hospital kitchens that meet Thailand’s standards.


Hospital Kitchen System

Our hospital kitchen systems are designed for safety, hygiene, and efficiency. All equipment used in our hospital kitchen systems is certified by relevant agencies. We can assure you that the food you serve to your patients is safe, nutritious, and of high quality.

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Hospital Kitchen System Service

  • Design and installation of hospital kitchen systems
  • Training for your staff on how to use the equipment and kitchenware in your hospital kitchen
  • Selection of high-quality equipment and kitchenware for your hospital kitchen
  • After-sales service for your hospital kitchen system
  • Installation of modern ventilation and sanitation systems for your hospital kitchen

Benefits of using a Hospital Kitchen System

Using a Hospital Kitchen System has many advantages

Working in the kitchen is more efficient.

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save time and money

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The food came out more delicious and appetizing.

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Increase safety and hygiene

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impress customers

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