Modular gas hot top with 14 kW concentric burner and Static 2/1 GN oven with 8 kW tubular burners.
Usable for boiling, steaming, frying, braising, simmering and steam frying. Oven module usable for roasting and baking.
Made of AISI 304 with 2 mm top thickness, griddle is made of Molybdenum steel with 18 mm thickness, powered with circular cast iron burner that heats up the hot top in concentric distribution. Central temperature can reach up to 550 degree Celcius. Oven is sized for 2/1 GN with reflective AISI cavity for superior heat transfer.

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• Powered with 14 kW circular cast iron burner.
• Static 2/1 GN gas oven is powered with 8 kW chrome-plated tubular burner with 2/1 GN cavity and reflective AISI chamber to improve thermal efficiency. Oven is equipped with piezzo ignition system with rubber cover.
• Hot top griddle is made of 18 mm thick Molybdenum steel for high thermal performance.
• Concentric heat distribution. Center temperature can reach up to 550 degree Celcius. Griddle center can be removed for service, usable for wok cooking.
• Piezzo ignition system with rubber cover.
• Equipped with flame failure device.

• External construction entirely with AISI 304.
• Top panel with 2 mm thickness. Orbital surface finishing: resistant toward scratches.
• Front panel is constructed of 1 mm AISI 304 with satin surface finish.
• Side panel is constructed of 0.8 mm AISI 304 with satin surface finish.
• Adjustable +/- 25 mm AISI leg.
• Connector between Grandis product on the front and the back.

• G20 Conversion Kit
• SS Hook to remove griddle inner plate.
• 2/1 GN oven wire tray (1 pcs.).


17g_nght 8-90 ov gr

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