NEWI 8-90 GR

Modular electric wok induction with 900 mm depth, powered with 8 kW round induction wok coil with 400 mm diameter. Equipped with open cabinet.
Usable for wok sauteeing, boiling, simmering and shallow frying.
Made of AISI 304 with 2 mm top thickness, power level control, 400 mm diameter wok round coil, 5 mm thick curved tempered glass. Glass is reinforced with wok dome for ease of operation and durability.

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• Powered with 8 kW round wok coil induction with 400 mm diameter.
• Induction glass of 400 mm diameter with thickness of 5 mm.
• Controlled with gradual 5 power level and timer function. Completed with LED indicator.
• Induction generator is cooled with the filter system underneath.
• Thermal-cut off when overheated.
• Glass is reinforced with dome for ease of operation and durability.

• External construction entirely with AISI 304.
• Top panel with 2 mm thickness. Orbital surface finishing: resistant toward scratches.
• Front panel is constructed of 1 mm AISI 304 with satin surface finish.
• Side panel is constructed of 0.8 mm AISI 304 with satin surface finish.
• Adjustable +/- 25 mm AISI leg.
• Cabinet executed with H2 radius.
• Connector between Grandis product on the front and the back.
• IPX4 water protection level.

• Wok stand.
• Generator filter.
• Wok made of Stainless Steel 409.


26e_newi 8-90 gr

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