NEFT 4-60 AM

Table top electric fry top with 600 mm depth and 3.9 kW Steady-State Surface heater (SSS)
Usable for contact grilling and starch cooking.
Made of AISI 304 with 1.2 mm top thickness, equipped with temperature control, AISI 420 griddle with 16 mm thickness and oil drawer.

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• Powered with 3.9 kW Steady-State Surface heater (SSS)
• Griddle made of AISI 420 with thickness of 16 mm, preventing rust.
• Griddle can be configured with groove for producing grill mark or with hard chrome plating for fish grilling.
• Obround drain with oil collection drawer included.
• Thermal-cut off when overheated.
• Fully-welded griddle to the top surface.

• External construction entirely with AISI 304.
• Top panel with 1.2 mm thickness. Orbital surface finishing: resistant toward scratches.
• Side panel with 1.2 mm deep-drawn surface.
• Front panel with 0.8 mm deep-drawn surface.
• Top panel with Orbital scratch-preventing finish.
• Rubber leg with 40 mm height
• Connector between Amicus product on the back.
• IPX4 water protection level.


e_neft 4-60 am


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