Modular indirect electric boiling pan with 900 mm depth, and 150 liters capacity powered with 27 kW incoloy heaters.
Usable for cooking liquid food, vegetable, starch meal, sauces soups, or acidic dishes.
Made of AISI 304 with 2 mm top thickness, boiling kettle is made of 2 mm thick AISI 316 bottom and 2 mm thick AISI 304 sleeve. Indirectly heated to improve temperature distribution during boiling and prolong lifetime of the kettle.

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• Powered with 3 x 9 kW incoloy heaters.
• Indirectly heated with 150 liters capacity. Distilled water is manually filled through the funnel on the front panel.
• Lid is suspended with safe multi-step hinge to prevent operational injury.
• Drain tap outflow made of AISI 304 with 2” diameter and red-colored indicator when opened.
• Front panel includes manometer. Pressure in the kettle jacket is operating below 0.55 bar.
• Digital control interface to adjust the temperature.

• External construction entirely with AISI 304.
• Top panel with 2 mm thickness. Orbital surface finishing: resistant toward scratches.
• Front panel is constructed of 1 mm AISI 304 with satin surface finish.
• Side panel is constructed of 0.8 mm AISI 304 with satin surface finish.
• Adjustable +/- 25 mm AISI leg.
• Cabinet executed with H2 radius.
• Connector between Grandis product on the front and the back.
• IPX4 water protection level.

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